And another one up the consumers arse through the imbecile use of DVD Region Coding


I will never understand the utter retardation that Region Codes on DVD’s present. People move, people travel and people who visit from other countries bring DVD’s as presents. Everybody knows that today almost any DVD player is region free anyways, but when I popped in a DVD for the first time into my late 2008 MacBook Pro, I was astonished by this:
This is a laptop! Something to travel with! Something to carry around with! What the hell is the point of binding it to a country? My 20 dollar DVD player can do better than this.

Oh and it’s not just the fact that the device basically now has crippled functionality, it’s just simply the fact that by giving you the choice of which DVD’s to play, the device actually shows that it has the capability to do so, just that it doesn’t want you to use it. What is the point in this? Oh the humanity of it all.

Also, as a nice additional kick in the arse, I quite fondly remember that my old white MacBook let me change the code a total of FIVE times, but even though this machine is newer and more expensive, I only get three times.

And that’s not even the full spectrum. You as a paying customer of the DVD are basically being told “Hey, you bought this, but you may eventually not be able to watch it”, while if you would’ve just downloaded the movie, you could have watched it on anything that you’d like. Why is it that people who are ready to pay for a movie get restricted in their legitimate use? Why?

EDIT: Also, what the hell? Why is my MacBook Pro bought in America set to Region 6 automatically? WTF?


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