Why YouTube Muting is absolutley off the line.


As you may have heard on several tech blogs recently, YouTube decided to use a new technology to basically mute videos that contain copyrighted music. YouTube explains their reasoning behind the decision with:

Now we’ve added an additional choice. Instead of automatically removing the video from YouTube, users can choose to leave the video muted and live on the site, and many of them are taking that option.

(on their official blog.)

Now wait a minute… this is supposed to be good for uploaders? Well, what about the people who solely watch videos on YouTube, of whom there is exponentially more than people who upload videos? I bet it’s going to be pure joy for them to search through 15 muted videos to maybe find one working one. Fact is that YouTube gained its popularity, because it offered everything in one place and was easy to use. I’ve met people who use it basically to stream music while working. When videos started getting flagged many users got upset already, but I think this will be the final straw for many people who will now choose to upload their content else where (which will then again create wonderful [sarc.] diversity between streaming sites).


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