iTunes doesn’t want foreigners in their store


It may sound harsh, but it’s sadly true. The iTunes store changed its conditions today. I didn’t catch the new License Agreement completely, but it said something along the lines of:

“The US iTunes store can only be used on US Territory. By agreeing to these conditions, you agree to not attempt to or use the US iTunes store in any other country than the US”. [sic]

This throws the concept of the iTunes store miles away. Meaning that even American citizens can’t use the iTunes store when they are traveling or when they are on vacations. I know teachers, volunteers and doctors without borders who work in other countries than the US but have used the iTunes store to keep up with music and especially American TV Series. By eliminating the possibility to do this, Apple (who is the largest and possibly only distributor of online TV series) is basically telling you “Don’t watch it or get it somewhere else”, the only “else” basically being illegal manners.

I find this decision completely illogical. I mean, this is not people streaming the content from network sites, but this is people who are actually PAYING for these episodes, with real cash (be it from a credit card or a gift certificate). These people I’m talking about go to third world countries where piracy laws are not enforced, but even so WANT to pay money for the content they want to watch.

This also completely destroys the concept of the Mobile iTunes store! People who now travel with their iPhone or iPod Touch, and want to purchase something on the go, can’t.

And I’m pretty sure, Apple is serious about this. In the new License Agreement it was stated that they “will use technologies to enforce this” [sic]

This is the age of the internet! Virtual country borders are redundant! I find this a horrible decision by Apple. What a shame.


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