Drop Box Review


I got an email a few days ago, for a beta that I had signed up for a few months ago. I was first kind of confused, seeing as I hadn’t heard from the folks who make Drop Box after such a long time. After installing and registering for an account, I got really excited about it.

What is Drop Box?

Drop Box is a web service comparable to the iDisk of the obsolete .mac. It basically gives you 2 GB of storage for private or public files, a desktop plug in where files can be dropped, and universal access from any computer. Additionally, Drop Box also allows you to upload files and share them with friends and coworkers so you can work together (on e.g. a Word File) without having annoying email exchanges.

So, first thing I’m asked to do is download the program. After installing it, a little blue box appears on the top bar of my Mac, right next to the WiFi icon. I think the blue is kind of annoying, seeing as the rest of the icons up there are simply black.

The second step was to sign up for an account. No major hassles here.

Now, my account will be linked to the computer. This step also worked seamlessly.

I am now presented with this folder in my Finder:

The green checkmark over the files indicates that the file has been successfully uploaded  to Drop Box’s servers. I proceed to go into the “Photos” folder only to find three default images, which proceed to delete. After this I check the Drop Box Website, where I am presented with my own profile. To my amazement, the website showed me that I had deleted the three images, even though I had just done this a few seconds ago .

That was a good start, but now I was off to more. I had recently composed an essay about Ireland, this and other files needed an online back up urgently, so I could access them form other computers. I preceeded to put the files into my drop box via drag and drop.

Now, the file was uploading. Considering it was a very small file (~1.6 mb), it uploaded in a matter of seconds. Now I started uploading some more documents, and some high quiality scans of a document a friend had sent me. The documents were uploading nicely, while the scans took some more time. Strangely, the pciture previews did not ger the green check mark, nor the blue “uploading” icon on top of it, while the icon in their extended information did, as you can see here:

This I found a little annoying, as now I didn’t know when the upload for the pictures was going to be done.

All in all, I have to say that for now drop box is a really nice service. If it can keep up this way, and doesn’t experience too much down-time, it might well be my permanent future online storage. It’s simplicity is astonishing, and 2 GB might be enough (for now).

If you want to check it out, and sing up for the beta, go here http://www.getdropbox.com/


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